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Rough mineral
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Molybdenite Rough
Molybdenite Rough
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Collector mineral specimen
Amethyst Quartz Chapel - Brazil - 466
Amethyst Quartz Chapel - Brazil - 464
Amethyst Quartz Chapel - Brazil - 463

Mineral book

Crystal Cyanite Brazil 3-5 cm
Imperial Topaz
Pyrite Druze 3-4 cm
Aragonite 3 - 4,5 cm
Black Tourmaline 2-3 cm
Pyrite Cube 1,5 cm
Quartz Geode Pair
Amethyst Crystal Tip
Madeira Citrine Quartz Tip
Rock Crystal Tip 3-4 cm
Rock Crystal Druze 3-4 cm
Desert Rose from Mexico 5-6 cm
Desert Rose from Mexico 9-10 cm
Sahara Desert Rose 3-4 cm
Pyrite Druse 5-7 cm
Amethyst Druse Uruguay 7-8 cm
Amethyst Druse Uruguay 4-5 cm
Amethyst Druse Brazil 14-18 cm
Rock Crystal Tip 7-9 cm
Crystal Agate 3 - 4 cm
Crystal Agate 5 - 7 cm
Celestine 9-11 cm
Celestine 12-14 cm
Quartz Geode 5-6 cm
Madeira Citrine Druse 3-4 cm
Madeira Citrine Druse 5-7 cm
Desert Rose Sahara 18-25 cm
Elestial Quartz 3-4 cm
Desert Rose from Mexico 25-35 cm
Cyanite crystal 4-5 cm
Blue Chalcedony Geode 5 cm
Desert Rose from Mexico 3-4 cm
Sahara Desert Rose 5-6 cm
Desert Rose from Mexico 7-8 cm
Quartz Geode 7-8 cm
Pink Tourmaline Crystal 1 cm
Green Tourmaline Crystal 1 cm
Smoky Quartz Tip
Aragonite 5 - 8 cm
Clear Lemurian Quartz Pointock Crystal Druze 3-4 cm
Orange Lemurian Quartz Pointock Crystal Druze 3-4 cm
White Quartz Geode Pair 3-5 cm
Aragonite 1,5 - 2,5 cm
Chlorite Green Quartz
Double Tip Quartz Crystals Size 9-12 cm
Rock Crystal Tip 5-6 cm
White Quartz Geode Pair 13-14 cm
Yellow Apatite
Cobaltocalcite 4 cm
White Quartz Geode Pair 10-11 cm
Garnet 4 cm
Black Tourmaline Organ Pipes 15 cm
Pink Dolomite
Quartz Crystal "herkimer diamond"
Red Quartz

Rough mineral Aquamarine Rough
Amazzonite Rough
Amethyst Quartz Rough
Honey Calcite Rough
Orange Calcite Rough
Red Calcite Rough
Blue Calcite Rough
Emerald Calcite Rough
Calcopyrite Rough
Carnelian Rough
Chrysoprase Rough
Clear Quartz Rough
Red Jasper Rough
Fuchsite Rough
Graphite Rough
Lapis-lazuli Rough
Lepidolite Rough
Golden Orthoclase Rough
Black Obsidian Rough
Light Smoky Quartz Rough
Rose Quartz Rough 3-4 cm
Rubyzoisite Rough
Sodalite Rough
Optic Calcite
White Quartz Rough
Black Rough Tourmaline 6-9 cm
Orange Selenite Rough 10 cm
Rough Halite 1 kg big pieces
Howlite Rough
Snow Quartz Rough
Sun Stone Rough
Green Adventurine Rough
Golden Tiger Eye Rough
Angelite Rough
Copper Rough
Emerald Rough
Fluorite octahedron
Rose Quartz Rough 6-8 cm
Ruby Rough
Olivine Rough 10 cm
Zoisite Rough
Magnetite Rough
Ametrine Quartz Rough
Orange Fluorescent Calcite Rough
Variscite Rough
Bloodstone Rough
Diopside Rough
Rutile Quartz Rough
Red Quartz Rough
Rose Tourmaline Rough
Azurite Rough
Dark Smoky Quartz Rough
Halite Rough
Galenite Rough
Rough White Selenite Tower 9 cm
Phlogopite Rough
Muscovite Rough
Orange Orchid Calcite Rough
Brown Obsidian Rough
Bronzite Rough
Tourmalinated Quartz Rough
Green Tourmaline Rough in Quartz
Tree Agate Rough
Grey Agate Rough
Green Moss Agate Rough
Moonstone Rough
Blue Quartz Rough
Rough Hematite
Lemon Chrysoprase Rough (Gaspeite)
Pink Kunzite rough 2 cm
Fluorite Rough
Lemon Quartz Rough
Transparent Gypsum Rough 10-15 cm
Zircon Rough
Fossil Wood Rough
White Selenite Rough 3 cm
Tsavorite Rough
Tanzanite Rough
Green Kunzite Rough (Hiddenite)
Siderite Rough
Barite Rough
Talc Rough
Scapolite Rough
Molybdenite Rough

Ethnic stone Runes Set in Red Jasper - 25 pieces
Runes Set in Green Adventurine - 25 pieces
Apache Tear Obsidian
Runes Set in Rose Quartz - 25 pieces
Runes Set in Carnelian - 25 pieces
Runes Set in Clear Quartz - 25 pieces
Runes Set in Bloodstone - 25 pieces
Runes Set in Snow Quartz - 25 pieces
Shivalingam 2 - 3 cm
Shivalingam 30 cm
Shivalingam 5 - 6 cm
Runes Set in Grey Agate - 25 pieces
Chakra Disk 7 Stones 3 cm
Shivalingam 11 - 13 cm
Arrow Head 3 cm
Arrow Head 7 cm
Arrow Head 10 cm
Chakra Disk Stones 8 pieces 3 cm

Fossil Petrified Wood 4 cm
Fossil Shark Teeth 4,5 - 5,5 cm
Petrified Wood 8 cm
Copal Rough
Orthoceras 8-10 cm
Ammonite Pair 2 - 3 cm
Ammonite Pair 3,5 - 4 cm
Orthoceras 6-7 cm
Fossil Shark Teeth 3-4 cm
Petrified Wood 7 cm
Iridescent Ammonite 4 cm
Ammonite Pair 5 - 6 cm
Orthoceras Embossed 9-11 cm
Ammonite Perisphinctes 5 cm
Fossil Coral
Hematite Ammonite Pair 2-3 cm
Nautilus 3 cm
Sun Fossil Coral
Red Fire Opal Ammonite 3-4 cm
Polished Ammonite with Suture Pattern 4-5 cm
Petrified Wood 5 cm
Petrified Wood 9 cm
Dark Amber Rough
Ammonite douvilleiceras 3,5 - 4 cm
Clypeaster Fossil
Hematite Ammonite Pair 4-5 cm
Double Fossil Fish Knightia


Plastic display White Sticky Mineral Clay, 3 m roll
Agate Slab Stand
Plastic box 18 holes
Loupe Box 4 cm
Loupe Box 2,6 cm
Flower Shaped Stand 5-6 cm
Plastic Box White Bottom 2,8 x 2,8 x 2,2 cm
Mineral Stand small size
Mineral Stand big size
Plastic Box 12 x 9 x 6,8 cm
Plastic Box 8,4 x 8,4 x 7,8 cm
Plastic Box 8,1 x 5,5 x 6,2 cm
Plastic Box 8,1 x 8,1 x 3,9 cm
Plastic Box 5 x 5 x 5,2 cm
Plastic Box 6,2 x 4,7 x 4,2 cm
Plastic Box 8 x 5,5 x 3,2 cm
Plastic Box 5,9 x 4,1 x 2,2 cm
Plastic Box 4,2 x 3,7 x 3,2 cm
Plastic Box 17,5 x 11,5 x 9 cm
Plastic stand for sphere diameter 1,5 cm
Plastic box 10 holes
White Sticky Mineral Clay, 1 m roll
Plastic stand for sphere diameter 3 cm with foot
Thick Stone Slab Stand
Plastic Box 13,5 x 8,5 x 6,5 cm

Wood display Wood Tray 40 x 28 cm 15 holes
Wood Tray 35 x 30 cm 13 holes
Wood Box with glass 6 x 6 cm
Wood Coffer
Wood Stand 44 x 37 cm with 12 holes
Wood Stand 24 x 22cm with 12 holes


Coil and small part Copper Plated Coil small size
Gold Plated Coil small size
Silver Plated Coil Small Size
Silver Plated Coil big size
Gold Plated Coil big size
Copper Plated Coil big size
Pendant for Donut silverplated

Blue Calcite Lamp
Rough White Selenite Lamp 20 cm
Rough White Selenite Lamp 30 - 40 cm

Candle holder Yin Yang Selenite Candle Holder 10 cm
Rose Quartz Candle Holder
Salt Rock Candle Holder 7 - 8 cm
Violet Agate Slab Candle Holder
Green Agate Slab Candle Holder
Pink Agate Slab Candle Holder
Blue Agate Slab Candle Holder
White Selenite Candle Holder 7 cm

Jewel box

Green Onix Owl 5 cm
Mixed Mineral Owl 9-10 cm
Malachite Frog 4-5 cm
Steatite Mixed Animal - 5 pcs
Pierced Soap Stone Owl 7,5 cm
Pierced Soap Stone Owl 5 cm
Mixed Mineral Kakadu 9-10 cm
Mixed Mineral Tucan 9-10 cm
Mixed Mineral Parrot 9-10 cm
Mixed Mineral Duck 9-10 cm
Malachite Elephant 8 cm
Mixed Mineral Swan 9-10 cm
Malachite Hippopotamus 7 cm
Malachite Turtle 5-6 cm
Malachite Cat 4-5 cm
Mixed Mineral Honeybird 15 cm
Mixed Mineral Pelican 9-10 cm
Mixed Stone Couple Birds 4 cm
Malachite Rhino 8-9 cm
Malachite Owl 4 cm
Malachite Dog 4-5 cm
Green Onyx Frog 5 cm
Green Onyx Turtle 5 cm
Green Onyx Swan 5 cm
Green Onyx Dolphin 5 cm
Green Onyx Fish 5 cm
Malachite Penguin 6 cm
Malachite Dolphin 5-6 cm
Malachite Lion 6 cm
Pierced Soap Stone Elephant 5 cm
Pierced Soap Stone Elephant 7,5 cm
Green Onyx Elephant 5 cm
Verdite Elephant 10 cm
Malachite Whale 5 cm
Lepidolite Elephant 12 cm

Slab Rock Crystal Ovos
Rose Quartz Ovos
Carnelian Agate Slab 4 - 5 cm
Blue Agate Slab 4 - 5 cm
Green Agate Slab 4 - 5 cm
Purple Agate Slab 4 - 5 cm
Violet Agate Slab 4 - 5 cm
Carnelian Agate Slab 8 - 10 cm
Blue Agate Slab 8 - 10 cm
Purple Agate Slab 8 - 10 cm
Violet Agate Slab 8 - 10 cm
Green Agate Slab 8 - 10 cm
Chiastolite Slab
Picture Stone Slab 7 - 12 cm
Thick Natural Agate Slab 10 cm wide
Ulexite (Tv Rock) 3 cm
Ulexite (Tv Rock) 7 cm
Ulexite (Tv Rock) 4,5 cm
Septaria Slab
Black Agate Slab 4 - 5 cm
Labradorite Slab 5-6 cm
Violet Agate Slab 15 - 16 cm
Blue Agate Slab 15 - 16 cm
Pink Agate Slab 15 - 16 cm

Tumbled stone
Grey Botswana Agate
Pink Boswana Agate
Green Moss Agate Tumbled
Apricot Agate
Variegated Aragonite Tumbled
Green Aventurine
Rasberry Aventurine
Blue Chalcedony
Ash Jasper
Chrysocolla tumbled
Chrysoprase Tumbled
Rainbow Jasper
Dalmation Jasper
Muggle Stone
Ocean Jasper
Red Jasper
Breciated Jasper Light
Breciated Jasper Dark
Green Leaves Jasper
Zebra Jasper
Bloodstone Jasper Tumbled
Tumbled Polychrome Fluorite
Lemon chrysoprase
Green New Jade
Labradorite tumbled
Lapis-lazuli tumbled
Petrified Wood
Leopard Skin
Lepidolite tumbled
Howlite tumbled
Tyger Eye Red
Blue Tyger Eye
Cat Eye
Gold Tyger Eye
Pink Opal
Snowflake Obsidian
Mahogany Obsidian
Moonstone Tumbled
White Labradorite Tumbled
Landscape Jasper
Nebula Stone
Pyrite with crystals tumbled
Amethyst Chevron Quartz
Amethyst Quartz
Ametrine Quartz
Blue Quartz
Citrine Madeira Quartz Tumbled
Clear Quartz
Smoky Quartz
Rose Quartz
Rutil Quartz
Tourmaline Quartz
Rhodochrosite Peru
Tumbled Ruby Fuchsite
Iron Tiger Eye
Black Tourmaline
Zebra Marble Tumbled
Pink Moss Agate
Grey Chalchedony
Chalchedony Geode Tumbled
Yellow Calcite Tumbled
Honey Calcite
Yellow Camel Jasper
Argentina Fluorite
Yellow Fluorite
Black Onix
Lemon Quartz
Rose Tourmaline
Green Tourmaline
Milky Quartz
Ruby tumbled
Yellow Opal
Sunflower Quartz
Tree Agate
Basalt Tumbled
Dark Amethyst Quartz
Tumbled Rubizoisite
Crazy Lace Agate
Brown Stromatolite Tumbled
Shattuckite tumbled
Green Riolite
Shiva Eye Agate
Red Quartz
Buddstone (Africa Jade)
Prehnite Tumbled
Snow Quartz
White Selenite Tumbled
Picasso Jasper
Watermelon Tourmaline Tumbled
Heliodore Tumbled
Copper Tumbled
Variegated Fossil Jasper Tumbled
Leopardite tumbled (Oncolite)
Transparent Prehnite
Amber Tumbled
Saphire tumbled
Yellow Jasper
Lava Tumbled
Chrysanthemum Stone Tumbled
Grey Flint
Pink Chalcedony
Peridot Tumbled
Nefrite Tumbled
Black Obsidian tumbled
Tumbled Mozamique Dumortierite
Tumbled Fossil Coral
Tumbled Blue-Green Aquamarine
Variegated Gold Tyger Eye
Brown Fossil Jasper Tumbled
Tumbled Star Corundum
Tumbled Variegated Lemon chrysoprase
Tumbled Green Fluorite
Tumbled Blue Fluorite
Carnelian Striped Tumbled
Red Aventurine Tumbled
Yellow Aventurine Tumbled
Apatite Tumbled
Turritella Agate Tumbled
Black Rainbow Obsidian tumbled
Tumbled Green Mica
Lodolite Quartz Tumbled
Uncolored Topaz Tumbled
Apache Tear Obsidian tumbled
Black Flake Quartz Tumbled
White Agate tumbled
Tumbled White Striped Agate
Pyrolusite Tumbled
Golden Sheen Obsidian Tumbled
Riolite Eye Tumbled
Grossularite Tumbled
Green Amazonite Tumbled
Green Stromatolite Tumbled (Kambaba Jasper)
Prasiolite Tumbled
Cyanite Tumbled
Iolite tumbled
Iolite Sunstone tumbled
Laguna Agate tumbled
Lion Skin tumbled
Fossil Palmwood Skin tumbled
Hyoersthene tumbled
Epidote Tumbled
Thulite tumbled
Lizardite tumbled
Black Tectite Tumbled
Blue Aragonite Tumbled
Green Opal
Luxurianite tumbled
Tumbled Shungite
K2 Granit tumbled (Azurite)
Kunzite Tumbled
Snowflake Epidote Tumbled
African Bloodstone Jasper Tumbled
Orange Selenite Tumbled
Larvikite Tumbled


Rock Crystal Pendulum
Rose Quartz Pendulum
Smoky Quartz Pendulum
Cone shaped Pendulum silverplated
Spherical shaped Pendulum silverplated
Lapis-lazuli Pendulum
Green Aventurine Pendulum
Cone shaped Pendulum copperplated
Spherical shaped Pendulum copperplated
Cone shaped Pendulum goldplated
Spherical shaped Pendulum goldplated
Carnelian Pendulum
Seven Chakra Stone Pendulum
Black Obsidian Pendulum
Golden Tyger Eye Pendulum
Snow Quartz Pendulum
Yellow Aventurine Pendulum

Rock Crystal Pyramid 3 cm
Rose Quartz Pyramid 5 cm
Rock Crystal Pyramid 4 cm
Seven Stone Chakra Pyramid 4 cm
Seven Chakra Stone Pyramid 6 cm
Carnelian Agate Pyramid 5 cm
Lapis-lazuli Pyramid 4 cm
Carnelian Agate Pyramid 4 cm
Yellow Aventurine Pyramid 5 cm
Red Jasper Pyramid 4 cm
Yellow Aventurine Pyramid 4 cm
Rose Quartz Pyramid 6 cm
Green Aventurine Pyramid 5 cm
Green Aventurine Pyramid 6 cm
Black Obsidian Pyramid 4 cm
Black Obsidian Pyramid 5 cm

Point polished
Polished Clear Quartz Tip 5-6 cm
Polished Clear Quartz Tip 7-8 cm
Polished Rose Quartz Tip 5-6 cm
Clear Quartz Tip 2-3 cm
Half polished Rose Quartz Tip 5 cm

Rock Crystal Ball 2 - 2,9 cm
Amethyst Sphere 3-3,5 cm
Rock Crystal Faceted Sphere 1,5 cm
Petrified Wood Ball 5 cm
New Jade Ball 4 cm
Howlite Ball 4 cm
Red Jasper Ball 4 cm
Septaria Ball 6 cm
White Selenite Ball 6-7 cm
Rose Quartz Ball 5 cm
Orange Calcite Ball 4 cm
Orange Adventurine Ball 4 cm
Rock Crystal Ball 6 cm
Blue Calcite Ball 6 cm
Rubyfuchsite Ball 6 cm
Green Onyx Ball 5 cm
Landscape Jasper Ball 4 cm
Unakite Ball 4 cm
Crazy Lace Agate Ball 4 cm
Dalmation Jasper Ball 4 cm
Green Adventurine Ball 4 cm
Rock Crystal Ball 3-3,5 cm
Amber Calcite Sphere 4 cm
Petrified Wood Ball 6 cm
Petrified Wood Ball 7 cm
Green Adventurine Ball 6 cm
Fossil Jasper Ball 4 cm
Fossil Jasper Ball 5 cm
Blue Calcite Ball 5 cm
Bloodstone Ball 5 cm
Carnelian Ball 6 cm
Ocean Jasper Ball 7 cm
Rubyfuchsite Ball 4 cm
Rose Quartz Ball 7 cm
Rock Crystal Ball 4 cm
Rock Crystal Ball 5 cm
Amethyst Sphere 4 cm
Amethyst Sphere 5 cm
Fossil Jasper Ball 6 cm
Green Fluorite Ball 4 cm
Bloodstone Ball 6 cm
Orange Selenite Ball 6-7 cm
Rose Quartz Ball 4 cm
Petrified Wood Ball 4 cm
Rubyfuchsite Ball 5 cm
Red Jasper Ball 5 cm
Septaria Sphere 4 cm
Lapis-lazuli Ball 4 cm
Rose Quartz Ball 6 cm
Ocean Jasper Ball 6 cm
Carnelian Ball 5 cm
Ocean Jasper Ball 5 cm
Green Adventurine Ball 5 cm
Lapis-lazuli Ball 5 cm
White Onyx Ball 5 - 6 cm
Red Quartz Ball 5 cm
Garnet Ball 4 cm
Red Quartz Ball 4 cm
White Onyx Ball 4 cm
Sodalite Ball 5 cm
Pyrite Ball 5 cm
Blue Quartz Ball 4 cm

Clear Quartz Heart
Rose Quartz Heart
White Selenite Heart 5-7 cm
Argentina Rainbow Fluorite Heart 5 cm
Yellow Fluorite Heart 5 cm
Orange Selenite Heart 5-7 cm
Lapis-lazuli Heart

Book end Agate Book End Natural Color 13 x 17 cm
Agate Book End Natural Color 15 x 20 cm
Blue Agate Book End 10 x 15 cm
Blue Agate Book End 13 x 17 cm
Amethyst Druze Book End

Wind chimes Carnelian Agate Slab Windchime
Blue Agate Slab Windchime
Green Agate Slab Windchime
Purple Agate Slab Windchime
Violet Agate Slab Windchime
Carnelian Moon and Star Agate Windchime
Violet Moon and Star Agate Windchime
Purple Moon and Star Agate Windchime
Blue Moon and Star Agate Windchime

White Sticky Mineral Clay, 1 m roll
White Sticky Mineral Clay, 3 m roll
Rough White Selenite Tower
Streak Tablet for Mineral Classification

Free form Polished Labradorite 3-4 cm
Polished Malachite 6-8 cm
Selenite Lens
Polished Malachite 9-10 cm
Polished Rutil Quartz Lens 3 cm
Polished Smoky Quartz Lens 5 - 6 cm
Rock Crystal Totem

Tumbled Carnelian Tree 15 cm
Tumbled Carnelian Tree 8 cm
Tumbled Rose Quartz Tree 8 cm
Tumbled Sodalite Tree 8 cm
Tumbled Green Aventurine Tree 15 cm
Tumbled Sodalite Tree 15 cm
Tumbled Amethyst Tree 15 cm
Tumbled Rose Quartz Tree 15 cm

Blue Agate Obelisk 10 cm
Carnelian Agate Obelisk 14 - 15 cm

Rock fountain

Drilled stone
Snow Quartz drilled
Rose Quartz drilled
Carnelian drilled
Green Jasper drilled
Grey Agate drilled
Shivalingam drilled
Green Aventurine drilled
Blue Agate Slab drilled
Carnelian Agate Slab drilled
Pink Agate Slab drilled
Ammonite drilled

Crystal on wooden base Fuchsite on Wooden Base 10- 12 cm
Lepidolite on Wooden Base 8 cm
Cianite on Wooden Base 10 - 15 cm

Pendant Amethys Dream Catcher Pendant
Pendant with Conchinas
Vertical Amethyst Slab Pendant
Agate Geode Pendant
Agate Geode Pendant with Amethyst Tip
Agate Geode Pendant with Madeira Citrine Tip
Agate Geode Pendant with Rock Crystal Tip
Double Tip Madeira Citrine Coil Pendant
Rock Crystal Druze Pendant
Black Agate Slab Pendant
Pink Agate Slab Pendant
Carnelian Agate Slab Pendant
Green Agate Slab Pendant
Violet Agate Slab Pendant
Blue Agate Slab Pendant
Rock Crystal Obelisk Pendant
Double Tip Rock Crystal Coil Pendant
Double Amethyst Tip Coil Pendant
Double Tip Rose Quartz Coil Pendant
Madeira Citrine Dream Catcher Pendant
Citrine Dream Catcher Pendant
Amethyst Druze Pendant
Clear Quartz Tip with Tumbled Stones Pendant
Amethyst Quartz Cylinder Pendant
Rock Chrystal Tip Pendant
Citrine Madeira Quartz Tip Pendant
Amethyst Quarzt Tip Pendant
Madeira Citrine Quartz Druze Pendant
Agate Geode Pendant with Black Tourmaline Tip
Red Jasper Tumbled Pendant
Rock Crystal Tumbled Pendant
Madeira Citrine Quartz Tumbled Pendant
Carnelian Tumbled Pendant
Hematite Tumbled Pendant
Green Aventurine Tumbled Pendant
Sodalite Tumbled Pendant
Amethyst Quartz Tumbled Pendant
Rutile Quartz Tumbled Pendant
Aquamarine Tumbled Pendant
Green Aventurine Heart Pendant
Lapis-lazuli Heart Pendant
Red Jasper Heart Pendant
Carnelian Heart Pendant
Rock crystal Heart Pendant
Rock Crystal Cross Pendant
Rose Quartz Cross Pendant
Green aventurine Cross Pendant
Lateral Amethyst Slab Pendant
Seven Tumbled Stone Pendant
Double Ametrine Tip Coil Pendant
Rock crystal Dropshaped Pendant
Amethyst Quartz Dropshaped Pendant

Tumbled Amethyst Coil Necklace
Tumbled Madeira Citrine Coil Necklace
Tumbled Rock Crystal Coil Necklace
Tumbled Rose Quartz Coil Necklace
Citrine Tip Necklace
Rock Crystal Tip Necklace
Amethyst Tip Necklace
Rubber Cord Necklace
Rock Crystal Chip Necklace 90 cm
Perydot Chip Necklace 90 cm
Carnelian Chip Necklace 90 cm
Hematite Chip Necklace 90 cm
Sodalite Chip Necklace 90 cm
Howlite Chip Necklace 90 cm
Amethyst Quartz Chip Necklace 90 cm
Arrowhead Necklace 30 cm for children
Mixed Stone Chip Necklace 90 cm (Seven Chakras)
Golden Tiger Eye Chip Necklace 90 cm
Snowflake Obsidian Chip Necklace 90 cm
Rose Quartz Chip Necklace 90 cm
Green Aventurine Chip Necklace 90 cm
Moonstone Chip Necklace 90 cm
Garnet Chip Necklace 90 cm
Rainbow Fluorite Chip Necklace 90 cm

Egg Green Onyx Egg 5 cm
Malachite Egg 4 cm
White Selenite Egg 6-7 cm
Rose Quartz Egg 5 cm
Rose Quartz Egg 6-7 cm
Labradorite Egg 6 cm
Rubyfuchsite Egg 5 cm
Sunstone Egg 5 cm
Sunstone Egg 6 cm
Malachite Egg 3,5 cm
Red Jasper Egg 5 cm
Red Jasper Egg 4 cm
Carnelian Egg 6 cm
Celestite Egg 6 cm
Celestite Egg 5 cm
Green Aventurine Egg 4 cm
Blue Calcite Egg 6 cm
Green Aventurine Egg 5 cm
Rubyfuchsite Egg 4 cm
Sunstone Egg 4 cm
Labradorite Egg 5 cm
Carnelian Egg 5 cm
Rose Quartz Egg 4 cm
Rock crystal Egg 5 cm
Malachite Egg 4,5 cm

Paper stand Natural Agate Paper Holder 10 - 12 cm
Blue Agate Paper Holder 10 - 12 cm

Bracelet Tumbled Green Adventurine Bracelet
Tumbled Rock Crystal Bracelet
Tumbled Rose Quartz Bracelet
Tumbled Tree Agate Bracelet
Tumbled Carnelian Bracelet
Tumbled Amethyst Bracelet
Tumbled Camel Jasper Bracelet
Tumbled Mix Bracelet
Tumbled Red Jasper Bracelet
Tumbled Snow Quartz Bracelet
Tumbled Bloodstone Bracelet
Sodalite Chip Bracelet
Carnelian Chip Bracelet
Peridot Chip Bracelet
Rock Crystal Chip Bracelet
Howlite Chip Bracelet
Hematite Chip Bracelet
Tumbled Moonstone Bracelet
Amethyst Chip Bracelet
Black Tourmaline Crystal Bracelet
Rose Quartz Chip Bracelet
Green Aventurine Chip Bracelet
Mixed Stones Chip Bracelet
Golden Tyger Eye Chip Bracelet
Lapis-lazuli Chip Bracelet
Fluorite Chip Bracelet
Multicolor Tourmaline Chip Bracelet
Aquamarine Chip Bracelet
Blue Chalcedony Chip Bracelet
Aquamarine Big size Chip Bracelet
Sunstone Chip Bracelet
Malachite Chip Bracelet
White Moonstone Chip Bracelet
Citrine Quartz Chip Bracelet
Smoky Quartz Chip Bracelet
Rhodocrosite Chip Bracelet
Garnet Chip Bracelet
Seven Chakra Bracelet
Double Amethyst Tip Bracelet
Double Rock Crystal Tip Bracelet
Double Madeira Citrine Quartz Tip Bracelet
Mokaite Chip Bracelet

Clear Quartz Angel 3-3,5 cm
Rose Quartz Angel 7 cm
Green Aventurine Angel 7 cm
Amethyst Quartz Angel 3-3,5 cm
Rough White Selenite Tower 9 cm
Orthoceras Bowl 11 cm
Fossil orthoceras Platter 30 x 45 cm
Round Fossil Orthoceras Dish 30 cm
Green Onyx Mortar
Sculptured Ammonites and Orthoceras Tower
White Marble Mortar
Fossil Limestone Mortar
Black Marble Onyx Mortar
Green Aventurine Grape 8 cm
Rose Quartz Grape 8 cm
Mixed Stones Grape 8 cm
Amethyst Grape 8 cm
Amethyst Quartz Skull 3 cm
Rock Crystal Skull 3 cm
Rock Crystal Angel 5 cm
Rock crystal Angel 7 cm
Helical White Selenite Tower 15 cm

Pouch Lucky Pouch with stones
Velvet Blue Pouch 13 x 10 cm
Velvet Blue Pouch 8 x 6 cm
Velvet Red Pouch 16 x 10 cm


Cardboard display White Cardboard Tray 4 x 4 cm - 54 pcs
White Cardboard Tray 6 x 6 cm - 24 pcs
White Cardboard Tray 5 x 5 cm - 35 pcs


Meteorite Black Tectite
Nantan Meteorite

Keychain Keychain with Silver Plated Coil
Keychain with Tumbled Stones - 10 pieces mixed

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